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Its here that we acknowledge the achievements of all our passed pupils who have gained their full driving licence and are now on the road to thier freedom and independence.

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Driving School Owner Tim Hunt
My name is Tim Hunt and I am the owner and manager of Topclass driving school. Here we celebrate the achievements of all our students who have gained their full driving licence and are now on the road to thier freedom and independence. Customer Success is our mission and we are delighted to have over 350 Customer Reviews on our main website We pride ourselves on customer service and our mission to every pupil is customer success. We believe our style of teaching is refreshingly different from other driving schools and unlike other driving schools we offer all our customers a Try us and see deal with a money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with any aspect of our service. So if your looking for driving lessons or an intensive driving course look no further, boasting an impressive 79% first time pass rate compared to the local pass rate of 42% we think we should be your first choice training provider. but don’t take our word for it, visit our main website and read over 400 Driving Test Passes and over 350 Customer Reviews we believe in letting our customers do our talking for us!”

lf you live in the Medway, Maidstone, Dartford, Swale, or Canterbury areas of Kent and you are thinking of Starting your driving lessons or you are already taking driving lessons with another training provider but becoming frustrated, Why not try a driving school that is fully focused on Customer Success where like the 500 customers we teach every week you too can benefit from our latest and proven teaching methods.

We pride ourselves on the quantity of positive Customer Reviews that we are sent many praising our up to date teaching methods. Don’t think that all driving instructors are the same that would be a huge mistake as many driving instructors teach with no clear objectives and consequently extend your learning time which will cost you more money than is necessary.

If you are at present taking driving lessons and are not set a very clear objective at the start of each lesson then how can you possibly be expected to understand what it is you are trying to achieve during the driving lesson? You are very welcome to join us here at Topclass Driving School where you can unite with over 1500 other local students that have experienced our refreshingly different teaching methods and passed their driving tests with us. I wish you the best of luck and a happy and successful driving career,

best wishes from all the team at Topclass Driving School.

By Tim Hunt, Driving School Director.

When you learn to drive it should be fun and enjoyable and worry free but your driving lessons need to be planned in a way to make certain you are getting full value for money leading to test pass success. Everybody wants to pass their driving test first time and I am sure you are no exception, so we have put together some easy steps for you to follow to ensure your first time test success.

8 Steps for a First Time Pass.

No 1. You Need To Be Consistent With Your Driving Lessons.

Always try to take at the least a weekly driving lesson. Pupils that take a regular driving lesson at least once a week learn SO much faster than those that are erratic with their Lessons. If possible try to take two hour driving lessons, You will learn a lot more and much faster. One hour driving lessons DO NOT GIVE YOU THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. By the time you recap what you done on your previous lesson and then drive to the training area to practice your next planned objective, you would have probably already used 15 minutes of your lesson time to get there. Your Driving Instructor should then give you  a debrief of your lesson when you finish to confirm what you have learnt, this will then take another 5 minutes. That means around 20 minutes of your 60 minute lesson.

Be prepared for your driving lessons
NO.2. Always Be Prepared For Your Driving Lessons

It’s Your Driving Lesson! and your Paying For It! Make sure you Make The Most Of It. Making sure you are in the right frame of mind will give the best value for your money. Also! Actually being awake, is always an Important factor to Learning to drive. .

Always recap your previous lessons
No 3. Your next Driving Lessons should always begin with a recap of what you learnt on your previous lesson.

You must not underestimate how very important this point is. Your driving instructor should be asking you questions at this phase to verify your understanding of prior learning and to test your understanding on the next subject matter. Your practical driving practice will be less successful if you do not fully know the theory of the subject and mistakes can be made through lack of understanding.  

Have a clear objective
No 4. The Driving Lessons Objective.

One of the most important elements for you to understand for you to progress. Trust me , without a firm objective to your driving lessons, the time it takes will be greatly increased. It is absolutely vital that all your lessons have a specific objective. You need to understand what will be taught in the current lesson and how it will help to move you forward towards the goal your aiming for. Driving aimlessly around with no clear objective is just a complete waste of time and your hard earned money.  

Fully structured driving lessons
NO 5. All your driving Lessons should be Fully structured to your needs and you need to be encouraged to develop your skills.

Your Driving Lessons should follow a fully planned path and start off very easy at the beginning and then increase in difficulty as you move forward. Your driving instructor needs to be encouraging you to develop all your driving skills by asking you relevant questions to check your understanding of learning taking place. This is a very important process as the driving responsibility is gradually transferred over to you

Summary of your driving lessons
NO 6.The Summary of your driving Lessons.

What you Talk about at the end of your driving lessons, will enforce the retention of that newly gained subject and knowledge and your understanding of it.

Self evaluation
NO 7. Self Evaluate, Be Confident and be Ready.

Don’t Lie to yourself! be Honest Are you still making mistakes during your driving lessons? A lot of pupils fail their driving test because they are not driving with out making mistakes before they go to test. Turning up for your practical driving test with the knowledge that you are not consistent with your driving will cause you to  lack in confidence this will just add to your anxiety and most will blame test nerves “on the day” but really it’s normally down to lack of consistency in your driving in the build up to your test day.  

Listen to your driving instructors advice
NO 8. Listen to the Advice of Your Driving Instructor. 

All Our Driving Instructors are highly skilled and very experienced at knowing when you are ready to take your driving test, you are paying for your driving instructors professional advice - So wouldn’t it be wise to listen to it?.

To think that all driving instructors or driving schools are the same would be a massive mistake.

Here at Topclass driving school, we believe in Customer Success and work on the ethos that all you’re driving lessons should have a set objective, and specific point that you clearly understand. This way you will know precisely what you are trying to accomplish and how the lesson will set you up on the road to gaining your license. A lot of pupils that transfer to us from other driving schools complain that all they did on their previous driving lessons was drive aimlessly around.

If this sounds familiar to you and you feel that you are not making any progress - then you’re probably not. Here at Topclass driving school all our pupils receive a detailed and full explanation of what is required. This makes the task required easy to understand and allows the pupil to progress quicker, and move forward to the next objective. We find that setting a small objective within the driving lesson for around 20 minutes and focusing on that objective, with help from your driving instructor and relevant questions to check the pupils thinking works really well. After each small objective we then know accurately whether further practice is needed or if we can move on to the next objective.

It is extremely important that you the pupil, understands why your instructor is asking you to do something, and how the affects of not doing it could influence others around you. We boast over 400 local Driving Test Passes on our main website and our pupils constantly achieve an average 1st time pass rate of around 79%, If you compare this to our local average pass rate in Gillingham of only 42% you can understand why we teach over 500 local pupils per week.

Are you considering taking driving lessons Gillingham, or are you already having driving lessons with a different driving school but getting frustrated with your progress. Now is your chance to transfer to, or join a driving school that believes in Customer Success, and to gain from our latest and proven teaching techniques. But don’t only take our word for it you can read over 350 Customer Reviews and see what our customers say about us after taking their driving lessons.

When you learn to drive it should be a pleasant and uncomplicated process, especially if you are following a fully structured course of driving lessons. If you make a mistake while learning to drive its important you understand what the mistake is, why it happened, and how to rectify it. This isn’t difficult but a lot of driving instructors don’t follow these easy but highly effective steps. If you don’t have a firm objective to your driving lessons then the time it takes to learn will almost certainly be increased, taking you much longer and costing you much more of your hard earned cash.

30% of learner drivers feel the need to change their driving instructors before going for driving test.

This is a very large proportion of learner drivers and does not make the driver training industry look good. If you are taking driving lessons and feel like you’re not making any progress read the points below, as you may want to reconsider your training provider It’s obvious that there are a lot of customers that are unsatisfied with the service or driving instruction that they receive.

The DSA have recently bought in client cantered learning to give students a much easier understanding of the subjects covered and to speed up the learning time. A lot of driving instructors have still not got to grips with this new teaching method and this generally shows in the low lesson fees they are charging. Here at Topclass driving School all our driving instructors are fully up to date with the new modern teaching methods required.

Listed below are some of the most common reasons that are given to us every week, when we receive calls from students wanting to change driving schools.

1 My present driving instructor does not do or will not offer two hour driving lessons.

2  My present diving instructor cannot offer me a regular lesson slot which means that some weeks     he has no slots available and I find this very annoying.

3 Most of my driving lessons involve me simply driving around the same places with no lesson point.

4 My driving lessons don’t seem to have any sort of objective and I am not sure what I am supposed to be learning.

5 My driving instructor doesn’t give me any sort of feedback to my lesson progress.

6 My driving instructor often shouts and gets angry when I make mistakes or get things wrong.

7 My driving instructor always turns up late or cancels lessons at the last minute.

  These are only a few of the many reasons given to us when we are looking to take on unhappy students. You are the customer; please make sure you are getting the best value lessons for your money, if you think this is not the case then I would strongly suggest you start looking for a new training provider and stop wasting any more of your time and money.

To get your Driving Lessons back on course and make the transfer to us Call Sharon or Helen at customer services on 0333 772 0393.

Good luck from all the team at Topclass driving school.

Driving School Owner: Tim Hunt

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